Meet Daivon

Daivon Reeder is a community servant and a proud Detroit native. Daivon attended Frederick Douglass High School for Young Men for his primary education. Upon graduation, Daivon went on to earn a Bachelor in Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University. Daivon served for 7 years in the United States Army and has been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Upon the completion of his military career, he chose to return to his hometown to help make a difference. 


During his time at Eastern Michigan University, he noticed a decline in retention amongst his peers. This observation inspired him to challenge the status quo. After discussing this issue with four friends, they founded a peer-to-peer mentoring nonprofit, The Nation, Inc. The Nation, Inc. has taken the charge to help increase college acceptance and retention rates for minority students from inner cities.


Daivon has lived a life of selflessness and made it his duty to provide opportunities for young people throughout Detroit. He is especially passionate about opening the door for young people throughout District 4 as he sees a little bit of himself in them. His return to Detroit was inspired by the love he has for his city and the families he connected with while teaching. In his tenure, he has promoted the importance of attending college, becoming successful, and returning home to open the door for the next generation. His plans are centered around equipping young people with the necessary tools for their success in the future. He believes that students have the right to a quality education inside institutions that foster it.


 In his advocacy for senior citizens, he has fought for safe and secure housing and plans to continue the fight for all populations across Detroit. Too many times there are communities that are forgotten or afterthoughts, Daivon promises to make that a thing of the past and ensure that all populations of Detroit are included in the changes made throughout the community. 


Daivon Reeder is ready to return the same investment the city of Detroit poured into him many years ago to push Detroit forward. He is ready to shape new leaders, create better opportunities, and open more doors for the people of Detroit.

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